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Laser Caps

Between an Orwellian vision of mind control and a Saturday Night Live spoof resides a device that may save the hair on your head. We’re talking about newer alternatives to combat hair loss.

Introducing Laser Caps and Laser combs; two great pieces of technology that help treat hair loss with Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Free of skin irruption or discomfort, LLLT emits infrared lasers that penetrate the scalp and targets the hair follicle to revitalize and enliven weakened hair follicles. LLLT stimulates growth factors and reverses thinning. Use of an LLLT won’t produce side effects associated with hair loss medicine.

Hair by Robotics is pleased to announce Laserband 82 by HairMax. Through a process known as Photo-Biostimulation, Laserband 82 stimulates a process similar to plant photosynthesis where therapeutic, nourishing, light energy stimulates hair follicles to activates stronger growth. Laserband 82 has the ability to reverse the thinning process resulting in new hair growth with increased density, fullness, and vibrancy.

Quick and easy to use Laserband 82 consists of 82 nourishing laser light modules that penetrate your scalp to energize and revitalize your hair follicles. The unique curved design incorporates patented hair parting teeth—exclusive to HairMax—to part your hair during the laser treatment and maximize the laser light delivery to your hair follicles. You only have to use the device 3x a week, with as little as 90 seconds per treatment time. It’s as simple as using it while on the couch watching your favorite movies; you won’t feel a thing!

While a great piece of technology, it raise the dead. Lost hair is lost hair. Notwithstanding, it will help maintain and restore the hair you have, preventing continuous hair loss. All our Physicians recommend our patients use this therapy in conjunction with a Robotic Hair Transplant procedure.
Advantages of the LaserBand 82:

  • 82 professional strength medical grade lasers
  • As little as 90 second treatment time
  • Curved band design ensures uniform and even laser coverage
  • Patented teeth effectively part hair ensuring maximum delivery of therapeutic light to your scalp
  • Cordless and lightweight for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Rechargeable battery

To learn more information about this product, and to find out how it can be used in conjunction with your Robotic Hair Transplant procedure, contact Hair by Robotics for a free consultation with our Hair Experts.