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Hair Loss Genetics

Contrary to popular belief, your maternal grandfather’s balding history is not the only indicator in predicting your hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is genetic. It’s a polygenic trait, which means it can be inherited from either your mother or your father. Unfortunately, even if there is no evidence of hair loss in either side of your family, you can still lose your hair.

Balding can begin as early as puberty, but usually takes place later in life. At some point, most men experience hair loss. Although the amount of loss can vary, hair loss is usually determined androgenetic alopecia. Also known as “male pattern” hair loss, it is identified when a man experiences miniaturization and the hair loss is not connected to a medical condition.

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With androgenetic alopecia, hormones are the reason why hair loss begins. As you age, testosterone begins to convert into dihydrotestosterone. Many hair follicles are very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, and the hormone causes the follicles to become smaller or miniaturize.

Unfortunately, male pattern hair loss cannot be prevented. It’s also very difficult to predict how much hair you will lose or if the hair loss will stop. In addition, there is no actual cure for male pattern baldness. Although they do not completely stop hair loss, there are topical solutions available that may help to slow down the hair loss. Propecia, an oral medication by prescription, can often slow the process, as well. Many men consider hair transplant for a permanent option in gaining more hair.

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