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The process begins with site marking, or making a home for your new hair. This is where we implement a specialized plan for your restoration. Using imaging equipment, intelligent algorithms take the guess work out of site-making by creating the ideal hair pattern. This technology also allows you to maximize your grafts by avoiding damage to pre-existing native hair.

The second phase begins with the harvesting of hairs from the donor area. Under the guidance of a physician, the ARTAS Robotic system scans, identifies and selects up to thousands of follicular units in a single sitting. With intelligent algorithms, ARTAS chooses the most viable donor hairs to be transplanted. The use of ultra precise instruments to extract hair follicles ensures the grafts are kept in pristine condition. Our Robotic technology enables physicians to harvest hairs with a speed and precision that surpasses manual harvesting methods.

Finally, we move to the process of implanting each hair individually. While you watch Netflix, highly trained technicians begin to ‘Photoshop’ you in real life, as they place the permanent hair into a perfectly calculated new home or site. The process produces a natural, permanent, undetectable result over the next 3 to 9 months, with new transplanted hair beginning to appear in the thin or balding areas.

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