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The procedure is performed in a medical environment, with a low risk for infection or complications.
With the 3D Hair Design Studio, you will be able to visualize what your hair will look like after the procedure. As the hair grows in, it becomes more lush and longer. Usually patients see a major difference after three or four months. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, but most patients see a natural, remarkable result after the hair grows fully in, around nine months.
Most patients experience redness and scabbing from the graft extraction site that scabs over and heals within a few days. Patients go back to work within a few days. Because there is no incision, the incidence of infection or complication from this procedure is minimal.
The cost of the procedure varies depending upon how much hair needs to be transplanted, whether or not PRP and/or ACell is used in conjunction with the procedure, whether microneedling of the scalp will be a part of your procedure, whether Hypothermasol with liposomal ATP is used (e.g.: to keep your grafts viable while outside your body) or not. It usually falls somewhere between $5-15,000. Hair by Robotics offers a variety of financing options.
The transplant utilizes the ARTAS technology and we take the utmost care to make sure patients are comfortable during both the extraction phase and the implantation phase. We use local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Many patients say it feels like tapping or light poking. Some become so relaxed they even doze off.
No. The scarring that can be so devastating and obvious with the traditional strip surgery is completely avoided as FUE eliminates the need for an incision. The donor hair grafts are chosen from the back of the head, where the hair is thickest. No linear scar, and more possibilities for hairstyles.
We recommend setting aside the day. Depending on the amount of hair transplanted, it could take a few hours to extract the grafts and another few hours to implant. We encourage you to relax and bingewatch the latest tv series, read a book – whatever you like – while our trained medical staff do the work.