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Welcome to a new era in hair transplant—ARTAS assisted Robotic hair restoration. Unlike traditional hair transplants, Robotic hair replacement doesn’t involve invasive surgical or stitching techniques. Instead, we use proprietary, cutting edge technology to give you natural-looking results without the complications, scarring and discomfort of older-outdated transplant methods.

First, intelligent algorithms identify and select the best hairs for precision with Robotic FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction. Our goal is to keep you comfortable throughout the process, which is why we apply a local anesthetic beforehand.

Next, our Robotic system methodically removes donor hairs with a precision unmatched by human hands. This gives you a consistent graft quality throughout the procedure. The robot doesn’t get tired and never needs a break. As a result, the thousandth graft is as precise as the first.

After the grafts are harvested, you can hang out and watch Netflix for the rest of the day while our highly trained technicians place your new hair. A short day or two later, you’re ready to get back into the swing of things. Before too long, you’ll notice yourself sprouting a headful of new hairs.