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Hair Loss in Women

“Bald is Beautiful.” Normally when this phrase is uttered reference is made to specific personalities of notoriety. This begs the question “how does the perception of fame, power, or gender characteristics influence sex appeal?” If Bruce Willis and Yul Brynner were two unknown polos setting in a Starbucks swapping investment tips, would the universe implode as two supernovas pulled us into their alluring gravitational pull? Or would it simply be business as usual?

The bald look can work on many guys but the truth is many bald men of celebrity status aren’t bald at all—they’re shaved. Unlike hair loss sufferers, they made a conscious decision to remove the hair from their head. A bold act intentionally committed to bring about a change of their design fueling their confident presence. What’s sexier than confidence?

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From a psychological perspective decision making is empowering. It’s an action we commit ourselves to, creating an empowered life. But what’s the psychological impact of living with a condition outside of our control and within the cultural constructs of our western world? Can our daily life be a healthier experience when we commit to resolving hair loss?

Fortunately for men—not that hair loss is a fortune—Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is socially accepted, albeit undesired. But what about women? Aren’t women losing hair too?

Hair loss affects up to 40% of women in America. When women begin to lose their hair; mind, body, and spirit suffer. Studies suggest people experiencing hair loss suffer from poor self-esteem and body image issues which then adversely impacts their social life.

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